Tuesday, August 07, 2007 

The Naked Traveler jadi buku!

Thank God... akhirnya blog The Naked Traveler jadi juga dibukukan!
Jangan lupa beli yaa... mayan nih buat nambah uang jajan saya di Filipin! :)


No Nudity Here!

  • naked: devoid of concealment or disguise
  • Pronunciation: 'nA-k&d, esp Southern 'ne-k&d
  • (From Merriam-Webster Online)

Who's Naked?

    Hi, I am Trinity, an ordinary woman in Jakarta who loves traveling. This is my journal and thoughts collected from my trips around the globe and across my lovely country, Indonesia.
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Naked Book

    Get "The Naked Traveler (Catatan Seorang Backpacker Wanita Indonesia Keliling Dunia)" book now in your nearest book stores! Bondan Winarno said,"...memikat. Ada kejujuran dalam mengungkapkan apa yang dirasakan, tidak hanya yang dilihat..."
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